Past Year’s Winners

2022 Winners

This year interested Bucks County high school seniors were challenged to write ad 250-300 word essay answering the question: Should the Constitution be interpreted based on a literal reading of the document’s original text (“originalism”) or viewed in the context of our nation’s evolving social, scientific and other changes since the time when it was written (a “living constitution”) and why?

Jessie Jin, a Council Rock North High School senior, was this year’s first-place winner was presented with a Certificate of Recognition and a $2,500 scholarship award.  Council Rock North’s Assistant Principal Jennifer Bertagni joined Jesse for the presentation.

Dick Newbert (Editor of TheLegacyof1776.Com) and Jessie Jin

Jessie Jin is a senior at Council Rock High School North. In high school, she enjoyed conducting research through Science Fair.  She also promotes STEM by organizing STEM workshops as an officer for Education Equals Empowerment and as the president of the Science National Honor Society.  Beyond science, she is passionate about music and plays the flute in band and viola in orchestra.  Her future plans are to major in biomedical engineering in college, though she is undecided about becoming a biomedical engineer or physician in the future.  She hopes to contribute to the medical field by combining her interdisciplinary interests in the life sciences.

The second-place scholarship award of $1,000 and Certificate of Recognition was given to Hailey Morath, a graduating senior attending Conwell-Egan Catholic High School.  Heather, who had no prior knowledge of her award, was joined by her parents and a number of members of the Conwell-Egan’s Faculty and Administration.

(l to r)  Matthew Fischer (Principal), Hailey Morath and Dick Newbert (Editor of TheLegacyof1776.Com)

Hailey, took many STEM based courses through her high school career, along with some dual enrollment courses to get ahead on college credits.  She also received Academic First Honors all throughout my high school career and has been active in many extracurricular and community service activities including the Conwell-Egan Drama Spring and Fall Productions, Chamber Choir, All-Catholic Chorus, Acapella Club, Spirit Night, National Honor Society, and Danaher Lynch Family Foundation Scholar.  She has applied to a number of colleges where she plans to study Marine Sciences and become an Oceanographer.

2021 Winners

Interested students were encouraged to write ad 250-300 word essay answering the question: “What, if any, are, should be or should not be limitations on the freedoms granted and responsibilities imposed by the Bill of Rights … and why?

Vijay, an HGP senior who will major in computer science and has applied to the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Texas, and UCLA, wrote the winning essay. He received a $2,500 scholarship.

Kamaljeeth Vijay being recognized as the contest winner by Dick Newbert

Patrick Lichtner, a Holy Ghost Prep senior who has applied to Navy, Army, and Penn State and plans to major in finance, was awarded a $1,000 scholarship for his second-place essay.

Patrick Lichtner receiving his award from Dick Newbert

Patrick, also a Holy Ghost Prep senior had applied to Navy Academy, West Point, and Penn State and planned to major in finance, was awarded a $1,000 scholarship for his second-place essay. He has subsequently won an appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and donated his scholarship monies to be used to provide a scholarship to a needy 2022-23 Holy Ghost student.